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An exploratory research of Muslim adolescents’ opinions on sex: effects for intercourse studies and prevention

An exploratory research of Muslim adolescents’ opinions on sex: effects for intercourse studies and prevention

An exploratory research of Muslim adolescents’ opinions on sex: effects for intercourse studies and prevention


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This papers represent the outcome of an exploratory qualitative study on Muslim teens’ opinions on sexuality inside Netherlands.


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Facts are accumulated from an online discussion board on which 44 Muslim and 33 non-Muslim adolescents talked about sexuality because relates to Islam. These conversations www.datingmentor.org/adultspace-review were consequently reviewed for articles making use of Nvivo 2.0.


Our comparison disclosed a few conditions that are related the form of future gender studies training concentrating on Muslim childhood. Apart from some forecast success with regards to, like, taboos on sex, sex outside wedding, abortion, homosexuality and conventional gender roles, all of our analyses indicated that in covers of disagreements 1) discussions comprise polarized, 2) competitors made use of the same Qur’anic passages to aid their unique opinions, and 3) the power of an Imam is interrogate when their understanding of Qur’anic passages wasn’t good horizon of players.


Our findings demonstrate that recent methods to gender degree among Muslim youthfulness will tend to be unsuccessful because of the rigidity of sexual norms in Muslim society. Also, we additionally identified latest obstacles to gender degree among Muslim youth (e.g. decreased admiration for an Imam which opposes a youth’s vista on sexuality).


The growing social and spiritual assortment of European societies [1] has established the immediate significance of fitness publicity products effective at effortlessly altering adolescents’ sexual actions in a multicultural and multi-religious environment [2, 3]. The need for these types of health programs are furthermore justified due to the large incidence of intimately transmitted problems (STIs) among non-Western immigrants in contrast to nationals [4, 5]. In hardly any other faith or culture are sex therefore closely integrated with religious guidelines such as Islam [6]. Since fitness promotion applications become best whenever based on both theoretical notions and empirical evidence [3, 7], truly important to determine these policies and their influence on the vista that Muslim teenagers bring on sexuality. Although experts need examined how Islam shapes Muslim adolescents’ panorama on sexuality [e.g., [6, 810], large spaces remain in our understanding of the connection between Islamic attention and sex. The current report defines an exploratory research on union between Islam and sexuality inside the Netherlands.

Islam and sex

Islam enjoys observed quick growth through the European mainland in latest many years. At the moment, 5percent in the Dutch inhabitants elderly 18 years and overhead tend to be Muslim. Most these youthful individuals are of Moroccan and Turkish descent [11]. Spiritual planning was of enormous impact on believers’ horizon and views with regards to sexuality [12, 13]. Sexuality in Islam isn’t limited to procreation like in most other monotheistic religions. Instead, sexuality is recognized as being an expression of spirituality. But Islam do distinguish between ‘legitimate’ and ‘illegitimate’ sex (known as nikah and zinah respectively), considering marital position [14]. Sex within wedding are permitted and socially accepted; sex outside relationships try forbidden and socially unacceptable [6, 14]. As a consequence, sex isn’t just subject to spiritual policies, but in addition features effects for people’s social, financial and general public updates [14].

Study during the Netherlands has revealed that Muslim babes and females as much as the age of 25 have little knowledge about sex compared to their Christian and non-religious equivalents. Muslim males, on the other hand, were fairly familiar with sexuality weighed against Christian and non-religious peers [15]. Additionally, Muslim women were less knowledgeable about sex than their own non-Muslim peers [16].

More research has shown that immigration could cause Muslims to dare their own present horizon on sex [8, 17]. Huang and Akhtar [18] believe immigration can lead to alterations in the comparative importance of sex in day to day life, along with panorama on homosexuality, relationships, and cross-cultural or cross-religious connections. Through contact with various other countries, the vista that immigrant Muslims need on sex and intimate decision-making usually much more individualistic [17, 19]. However, although immigration will transform Muslims’ views on sex [8, 17, 18], this does not mean that gender knowledge and reduction training focusing on these Muslims don’t require attention. Such as, conflicts between existing and new opinions of sexuality may prove ‘positive’ plus ‘negative’ for safe sex methods [18].

Even though the connection between Islam and thinking toward sexuality and sexual actions has got increasing attention, you can still find big caveats inside our comprehension of this commitment including the implications for gender degree and cures products. This might at the least to some extent be explained of the simple fact that Muslim teens are relatively reluctant to participate in research about sexuality. Without a doubt, Muslim participation is rather minimal in traditional research studies [15]. As a consequence, the main focus has actually shifted to a more secondary method of mobilizing Muslim teenagers for study when using the Web. A lot more specifically, Web community forums, that may be regarded as a form of focus class meeting, were used to this end in our learn.

Web and studies

As a reasonably brand new and important method offered to doctors and educators, online enjoys possibly endless dissemination, access and possibility [20, 21]. Tentative measures have been already used towards using the Internet in treatments and quantitative data [2225]. The Worth Of using the world of cyberspace for qualitative studies have also been respected [2628]. Specifically, online investigation may be used to research usually hard-to-reach populations [26], instance Muslim adolescents [15]. Utilizing information collected from an Internet community forum, today’s research in addition contributes to the knowledge regarding usefulness of online community forum discussions to analyze perceptions and feedback concerning debatable problem like Islam and sexuality.


Today’s research is designed to explore the connection between Islamic believed and views on sexuality among Muslim adolescents when you look at the Netherlands. We focus on the after data issues. Very first, what are Muslim adolescents’ latest views on sexuality? Through the use of an example that varies from those used in earlier research, we had been interested in whether we’re able to duplicate past results or identify any latest views. Second, exactly how also to what degree create these vista vary from the panorama of non-Muslim teenagers? By evaluating Muslim adolescents’ views with those of non-Muslims we expected to diagnose ‘problematic’ views (in the sense which they may hinder sex training initiatives) with additional simplicity. Third, we hoped to educate yourself on whether established solutions to gender knowledge among Muslim adolescents are likely to be profitable, and whether new approaches could possibly be identified. Inside exploratory research, we made use of data on sex compiled from an Internet topic discussion board. We did not find honest acceptance because of this study because websites forums had been openly available.

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