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About Japan’s Four months. Japan has actually four periods: spring, summertime, the autumn months and cold weather.

About Japan’s Four months. Japan has actually four periods: spring, summertime, the autumn months and cold weather.

About Japan’s Four months. Japan has actually four periods: spring, summertime, the autumn months and cold weather.

The visual alterations in characteristics particularly cherry flowers in spring or red and yellow dried leaves in autumn are included in Japan’s appeal. Why don’t we read about seasonal modifications certain to Japan.

The four periods in Japan

In Japan, twelve months was split into four periods. The period from March to will try spring, Summer to August was summer, Sep to November is the autumn months, and December to March is actually wintertime. With respect to the period, the temperatures and environment differ dramatically.


Cold weather temperatures turns out to be less serious while the environment slowly becomes hotter. Springtime try a comfortable season. Even though it can frequently have stronger winds, it’s the greatest times for travel.

Occasions in spring

The symbolic surroundings of spring in Japan are, the point is, cherry flowers.

Cherry bloom watching fucntions are held at lots of spot fabled for their particular cherry blossoms. The best time for looking at cherry blossoms in Tokyo is normally from late March to very early April.


Through the end of Summer with the heart of July, they frequently rains and becomes chilly given that temperature temporarily falls. This era is known as baiu or tsuyu, meaning the rainy month. If the rainy month is over, that duration is known as baiu-ake or tsuyu-ake. Following rainy month has ended, the temperatures jumps up-and full-fledged summer arrives. Sun will get intensive.

Heat swells in Japan

Not only can there feel rigorous sunshine and highest conditions, but high humidity is attribute of summertime in Japan. If you were to think about traveling in Japan in this period, you should be ready for Japan’s serious summer and shield yourself from summer heat.

Events in summer

When it comes to summer events in Japan, summer time celebrations and fireworks are prominent. From July to August, summer festivals take place across Japan, in which individuals holding a mikoshi (a portable shrine) on the arms parade through an urban area. At shores and riverbanks, fireworks shows are held, where aerial fireworks were lit and colors the evening sky brilliantly.


The heat gets much less extreme together with temperatures decreases. The atmosphere gets drier, however it is a comfy period. Just like cherry blossoms in spring season, the autumn months colors additionally bring in numerous travelers. Sites famous for their own the autumn months makes like Kyoto, Nara or Nikko being packed with many subscribers searching for all of them.


Activities in the autumn months

In November in Tokyo, foliage of deciduous woods switch yellow or yellow and you may see fall leaves in the mountains and across the avenue. Additionally, different cultural fucntions are held with this month.


In December, the temperature falls more and you’re feeling chilled.

From conclusion of December, the chill gets more severe and from January to March, it isn’t unusual for temperature to drop below zero. Within the Hokuriku, Tohoku and Hokkaido locations, snowfall accumulates. They often snows heavily despite Tokyo, depending on the 12 months.

Happenings in wintertime

December 31st is named Omisoka, which means new-year’s Eve. There is a custom of ingesting noodles at nighttime on that day. The 3 times after the new year starts tend to be together labeled as ‘shogatsu.’ People have Japanese New Year’s cooking labeled as Osechi-ryori and drink sake to enjoy the fresh season.

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